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Exclamation Amazon Ripping Off Third-Party Companies/Products To Develop Knock-Off Products

Amazon Ripping Off Third-Party Companies/Products To Develop Knock-Off Products


A Wall Street Journal investigation found that Amazon uses data from third-party sellers to help develop its private-label goods.

Among the findings were that some Amazon executives had privileged access to data on individual third-party sellers, which was then used to develop the company’s own products, despite it being in violation of company policy.

The findings directly contradict Amazon’s previous messaging around how it uses third-party seller data, including testimony one executive gave to Congress last year.

- cnbc.com

We have made similar posts about this in the past... the fact that Amazon, Walmart and others as well create their own knock-off products to compete with the very customers who sell items on the Amazon site or other places, e.g. Walmart.

Amazon can't be content with simply collecting a fee for every item sold on their site... they need to create knock-offs of customer/retailer products in order to undersell them and eventually become the only product available.

This is predatory capitalism... greed... globalization and the effort to control the global supply chain.
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