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Exclamation The Corruption Of American Values Via Porn/Drugs/Liberalism

The Corruption Of American Values Via Porn/Drugs/Liberalism

Excerpt: This is the moment Hillary Clinton donor Ed Buck smokes meth with a painfully thin, drug-addicted homeless young black man in his apartment - a partner he had found on the street and offered $300 to carry out his bizarre 'fetish' requests.

The picture was taken in 2017 at the end of three years of encounters between Buck and the 30-year-old in which the older man would call him 'my n****r buddy', 'my straight n****r buddy', 'and 'black boy.'

...while they both watch porn on a television screen in the living room of the wealthy donor's West Hollywood apartment.

Porn everywhere is making the youth on to the aged into porn addicts who want to live out meaningless, flesh addicted desires.

Illegal drugs everywhere (now being made legal) is making so many people brainless zombies who don't even want to work. All they want to do is get high.

LGBTQ lifestyles and those who support it have the nerve to fight for this lowest form of satisfaction. When there is nothing else but an empty, lifeless soul... rape it from behind.

You can bet that liberalism brought this forth as opposed to conservatism. These leftists who break the traditions and religions of sovereign nations are a group of vipers aiming to break all that is good down.

Now look at the results. Results that we see everywhere from children parading at gay nightclubs to those calling for the destruction of Christianity.

America... the world is at the mercy of leftist assassins who aim to destroy sanity and cleanliness.

Now let's not be fooled. There are plenty of heterosexual nutcases out there... mainly liberals who have nothing to believe in but their sexual organs.

This is a contagion that is sweeping the land.
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