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Exclamation Many Politicians Are Globalist Minions - Rubio Threatens Libya Demise For Venezeula

Many Politicians Are Globalist Minions - Rubio Threatens Libya Demise For Venezeula

Excerpt: In October of 2011, US-backed rebels sodomized Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi with a bayonet, then killed him in a brutal summary execution after his convoy was hit by NATO airstrike when fleeing Sirte. He had been found by his killers hiding in a ditch after which a grainy cell phone video showed the blood-splattered and newly overthrown leader being mocked and tortured just before being shot at close range in the head. News of this had caused one of the key Libya regime change architects in the Obama administration, then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, to laugh gleefully while saying "we came, we saw, he died". This left Libya a failed state.

Apparently this is the fate Florida Senator Marco Rubio wishes for embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (who happens to be sitting atop the world's largest proven oil reserves), as on Sunday Rubio tweeted out a photo showing the contorted blood soaked face of Gaddafi while being dragged to the place of his field execution, side by side with one showing him previously enjoying his power and wealth.

How American politicians, "representatives" of American citizens, get away with blowing billions, even trillions of tax dollars on destroying nations; such as or trying to destroy others; such as Syria is amazing. There is no one watching the cookie-jar, so-to-speak.

American politicians are literally using American soldiers to invade others and/or use special ops groups across the world. Then there are also the US backed (funded) groups who also aid in taking down nations.

This bloodshed and waste of tax dollars is a testament to how bent some politicians are in following the globalist narrative. This isn't about American interests. This is about weakening sovereign nations for an economic takeover.

Senator Rubio is sick as are most of the other politicians in office today.

Even corporations are in on the globalist's efforts... censoring sovereign nations + those who don't agree with "progressive" ideology---> YouTube Shuts Down Syrian State Channels

The global war on "terror"---> The Global War On "Terror" Mapped Out + Other Global Connections
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