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Default How Will It Look With 50% Less Cops?

How Will It Look With 50% Less Cops?

Excerpt: The Seattle City Council advanced legislation on Friday which would replace the 'racist institution of policing' with a civilian-led activities and organizations under a new 'Department of Community Safety & Violence Prevention.'

"WHEREAS, the Council is committed to confronting the structural and institutional racism as a fundamental step towards addressing the racist institution of policing,"

"Whereas, these protests forced many nationwide and in Seattle to confront the racism that has been plaguing the Black community for centuries and spread to other communities of color, the harmful impacts of white supremacy culture, and the Seattle Police Department's (SPD) role in perpetuating racism and violence."

- zerohedge.com

Those are "progressive", Seattle City Officials coming up with that glaringly, non-factual information. Policing is a racist construct.

Now if police will be defunded by at least 50% then how will Seattle operate in a safe manner? Will robbers, rapists and murderers be caught and punished or will the victims just get some counseling to deal with the trauma since going after the criminals will be a racist act, especially if the perp is black?!

To prove how poorly this experiment will go I provide you with this response from a leftist politician in regards to a rape victim:

VIDEO: Minnesota AG Keith Ellison Tells Rape Victims Not To Call Cops, Call Therapists Instead

Excerpt: “If you’re a woman who’s been a victim of a sexual assault, and the assailant ran away, wouldn’t you rather talk to somebody who is trained in helping you deal with what you’re dealing with, as opposed to somebody whose main training is that they know how to use a firearm? Right?” Ellison told Bass.

- infowars.com

That man is an Attorney General, with a dark past too.

Imagine a world where crime is rampant and victims are simply in the way of the criminal. Victims are to get counseling as opposed to going after the perp and prosecuting. This is backwards, wrong, immoral and should be an outrage to tax payers everywhere.

This kind of response truly outlines how citizens, how tax payers are simply seen as cattle to be treated as such, churned into a meat supply that the politicians feed off of... tax dollars.

What happens when there is gang warfare? What happens when there is a serial killer going after many people? What happens when a drug cartel takes over? What happens when the weak and the handicapped are taken advantage of? You think a "progressive" group of social workers will help this situation? This is more like a setup against the American people by these leftist politicians to create more chaos and break American life and capitalism.
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