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Exclamation The Falsehood Of Socialism

Socialists want to take massive tax bites from corporations who make enormous profits but they speak nothing of breaking those same companies down into smaller pieces; such as Amazon owning the world's largest online retailer + Whole Foods (grocery chain) + the Washington Examiner (news machine) + Department of Defense contracts, etc..

Socialists only want profits others make to line their own pockets and enhance their government ideology---> power to decide for you. This ideology is a kickback as opposed to limiting these massive corporations who rule market share across the globe. Global socialists is what they are... taking money as legal bribes in order to continue the spread of corporate power enhanced by governmental policy and backing... globalization.

Socialists are no different in their makeup to be corrupted. They are corrupt.

If they were really concerned they would put limits on how big these corporations would be allowed to grow... creating a true, competitive balance in the force of markets... leveling the playing field for all... true capitalism... balanced capitalism... not ravenous corporatism... not deceptive socialism... certainly not tyrannical communism.

Socialists do not have anyone's best interests at heart besides for themselves. They are worse than corporatism because they are the leeches of profit, aiming to control people on the street, not controlling the global spread of power through profit. Enablers.
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