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Default VIDEO: Satanic Chapter Of ANTIFA Lead By Tranny In Satanic Prayer

VIDEO: Satanic Chapter Of ANTIFA Lead By Tranny In Satanic Prayer

Excerpt: The Satanic Portland Antifascists later were seen holding a ritual of their own, where they repeatedly chanted "hail Satan."

Remember, according to CNN host Chris Cuomo antifa are identical to the American soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.

- infowars.com

The title sounds like a South Park episode but its actually truth. Truth that the alliances of the left include ANTIFA, LGBTQ activists, Satanists, socialists, communists, "progressives" and globalists.

These groups aim to undermine those who love America, conservatism, heterosexuality, the traditional family, nature, meat-eaters, patriarchy, Christians, those who love sovereign nations, etc.
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