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Exclamation MARVEL Has Trans Character Coming Out Soon

MARVEL Has Trans Character Coming Out Soon

Excerpt: Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has announced that the billion dollar superhero movie machine is introducing a transgender person and a gay superhero in its upcoming properties.

- breitbart.com

Piece-by-piece and brick-by-brick the power elite are normalizing the LGBTQ agenda for all children to embrace. When they have the attention of the youth, the old don't matter because eventually the youth rule... but under a thought process that has been infused into them by those in power... globalists and "progressives"... those who aim to make the people of the world dependent upon a centralized power supply as opposed to individual towns and localities.

As the old complain, the powers-that-be will simply tolerate them until the programmed youth (who don't know what they lost) will out voice the aged and the wise.

If the youth aren't turned towards the truth of what is being destroyed there will be no real independence in the future... there will be mental slavery and perversion of the truth of what our bodies, minds and spirits are for.
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