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Old February 20th, 2020, 09:47 PM
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Exclamation Is The Coronavirus A Man-Made Bio-Weapon?

When I first heard of the Coronavirus it was a mystery illness that originated in Wuhan, China from people eating bats. I found it strange but plausible. After all, people eat other foods and get sick... Hep C contamination, etc.

Soon after hearing of this, the communist leaders placed Wuhan under lock down due to the rapid spread of this virus; a city of 11 million.

I found that alarming. I never heard of a population group that large being placed under quarantine, unable to leave their city. Clearly something big was up and it wasn't from a couple people eating bats.

The numbers of the infected, the sick and the dead grew yet some sources stated that the Chinese government was fudging the numbers to make the death rate smaller than it actually was... and in my mind if you're locking down entire cities... well... you're probably not sharing all the data either.

Then it came out that in India some scientists found the AIDS virus in this Coronavirus as if it had been inserted in the viral RNA (bio-engineered).

Then it came out that the original head of study on this virus, Plummer, suddenly died in Africa after giving a speech and as he died under mysterious conditions... the original whistle blower, a doctor in China was censored by the Chinese authorities for causing a scare over this virus and then he died of the Coronavirus.

Other doctors have also been disappeared in China.

So now we have more cities in China on lock down. Supposedly there are up to 53 million Chinese citizens on lock down and it's not just regular citizens. Military people, police officers and health care workers have all gotten the Coronavirus... thousands of them.

Patrolling the streets, the Chinese government is using drones with loudspeakers and cameras to follow people and order them around.

Video footage of the draconian drones.

Now, as this virus spreads, we have to ask... what happened?

This virus, which I believe was bio-engineered to be a type of weapon was accidentally released (doubtful) or released on purpose in order to control the population via fear by media and the government but to also and have a test run of how a virus that can kill with a less than 10% mortality rate will travel. This type of operation is something those who aim for global control would find acceptable. It's origins are untraceable, stuff can be made up about it and it works.

Not only do these types of viruses (bio-weapons) kill people but they also slow down economies via government intervention which hurts all nations... but one more thing... having the fear of viruses, hence the fear of others being infected makes people stay away from each other creating isolation, making it difficult to unite in any way... especially when the government orders people to stay inside their homes via curfews and shelter-in-place demands.

This may all sound crazy but remember... you are simply cattle and there are 7 billion people on the planet. Why do you think your government cares about you? The industrialized nations; USA, China, UK, France, Australia, etc. are all vying to create a global empire and they need to know how things work through the populace, for better or for worse which includes viruses.

UPDATE 02/27/20: HIV-TYPE "Mutation" Found In Coronavirus!

UPDATE 02/27/20: People Who Have Had Coronavirus Are Being Reinfected! Possible Zero Immunity Built Up!

UPDATE 03/20/20: The Secret History Of A Coronavirus Bio-Weapon

UPDATE 05/22/20: Australian Scientists Lean Towards Human Creation Of COVID-19

UPDATE: 09/16/20 Twitter & Facebook Censor Chinese Virologist's Proof Of Covid-19 Engineering

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