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Default Neo-Communism Is Happening Now!

So what is Neo-communism? Is it like a Neo-Nazi? Both mean a "new" version of.

I was watching a video and I heard the term Neo-communism. It got me curious. What is the "new" communism about? Little did I know, it's everything the globalists are pushing today so please pay attention.

Neo-communism has been revealed as dependency upon technology for a future of "equality".

Now, backtracking, let's look at some history of communism.

During the full swing of the Industrial Revolution, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels came up with communism. They argued that during the Industrial Revolution that productivity grew exponentially but the worker's wages didn't grow in kind. The factory owners got rich off of the poor working conditions of the laborer. This created a divide in economic wealth between employee and the employer/owner.

Marx and Engels claimed that human history was based upon class struggle with the rich exploiting the worker. These two men envisioned a worker's revolution. Engels also believed in the eradication of patriarchy, the nuclear family unit and property... yet his wealth through his father's textile business funded Marx.

Marx and Engels saw the goal of true communism, as outlined in their Communist Manifesto, where the means of production was equally shared by all people. This would create a classless, wealth-less society where everyone had access to medical care, education, resources, etc. in order to prosper.

A fully automated industry would create a utopia where all people would be liberated from the necessity of earning a living and life would be measured by the amount of free time one had to pursue hobbies/interests.

So Lenin, who pushed the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 had several strokes creating a power-vacuum. This is where Stalin stepped in and took over... creating Stalinism as opposed to Marx's and Engels' communism.

Stalin was extremely paranoid and pressed forward against his own people with massive spying programs, he stripped away civil liberties, monitored people for dissent, he used the mental health care field against political enemies and he also shut the nation down to the outside world, not improving upon mechanical machinery or inventions to improve living conditions. There was no competition to make anything better as capitalism does do.

Stalin translated communism as paying a farmer the same wage as a doctor. This was supposedly his version of everyone being equal besides keeping everyone under his boot in fear for their lives to speak against him.

Today, the Neo-communist (CEO's, government and globalists) are bent upon replacing all human workers with robotics and to allow deep AI to do the thinking for us. The idea is to create an automated, global supply chain of food, clothing and housing where people across the globe no longer have to work to earn a living but to simply enjoy their free time of endless personal pursuits.

This is the state of ultimate dependency that I have been researching, documenting and writing about since the inception of this research project.

The future that is being fought for by ANTIFA, BLM and other "progressive" groups is a communist's future where all people will be labeled as equal by not having to work... where everything is supplied so they can prosper and be their ultimate selves without any distraction of real work.

Do you see the issues here? There are so many.

First off, who's running things? Robots and AI need to be guided to keep people in a certain mindset to accept all this "freedom"... who will be in charge?

If people have no work then what is their value to society? They will be consumers, consuming resources, a drain on civilization if they aren't putting work in.

Being dependent on this global system, this Neo-communist vision, will make us all slaves in mind and body, at the whim of whomever our overlords are to be (globalists of today and their future spawn).

If there are issues with how society is being ran then where or how or who will we address this with? If we have no property, no money, no wealth, no family power, no standing, no value, all "equal" how will we change anything as dependent animals in the zoo of the globalists?

Those are only a few issues. These are powerful problems. Why, if capitalism is so bad, would anyone want to give up their work, family, property, business, wealth to a global system that will provide your basic needs so you can pursue some form of interest?

People feed off of work... inventing... making families... acquiring personal property... having a sense of self... having individual identities... having choices... having new inventions... having competition...

The people that hate all this are those who need help and now they are full-fledged, Neo-communists who aim to save mankind from his or herself... and look at the poor job that is being done of saving us all? If anything we all need to be saved from the globalists who are manipulating and destroying everything that is good for freedom!

On a side-note it is interesting and hypocritical that Marx and Engels complaints about the Industrial Revolution and how it not only displaced people from their craft work at home, forcing them to work in filthy factories, that they condone the massive displacement of people from their work to be replaced by robots and AI. This sounds more like a power-hungry engineer with a plan that looks good on paper but is actually a nightmare... like two young, ideological school kids who want to impress themselves upon the world because they know what's right yet have little life experience to back their ideas up.

Look past the promises and assess the real problems. Capitalism doesn't need to be destroyed. It needs to be cleansed of the greedy hands that have abused it too long which has helped the world get to this point today
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