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Default America To Fall Like Rome - A Comparison

Reading this article---> How To Destroy A Civilization from mises.org it dawned on me that America was following the ways of Rome. Yes, it's been compared before... many times. But here are some facts. These facts lead to the prediction, that so many others have made, that America will fall. It won't be destroyed but it will be broken just as Europe will be as well.

1.) After 500 years, the famous Roman Republic ended with the dictator Julius Caesar taking power. Four hundred years later his progeny and usurpers ran the Empire into the ground and Rome fell to invading barbarians.

2.) ...they devolved into dictatorships (true, but not the cause of their fall). Or they became decadent and corrupt (true, but not the cause of their fall). They fell to barbarian invasions (true, but not the cause of their fall).

3.) Rome fell because the dictators ruined the Roman economy and the institutions that had made it prosperous. Rome was falling apart before the barbarian invasions.

4.) ...massive government spending far outstripped revenue. They had what today we call a deficit problem.

5.) ...they kept raising taxes which became punitive.

6.) ...they debased the currency which led to inflation.

7.) ...resulting booms and busts and depressions were destroying the economy.

8.) By the time the Goth and Visigoth invaders came along, Rome was so weakened that they could not hold back the waves of invasions. At the end, Roman citizens saw the government as the enemy and the invading barbarians as their saviors. Rome fell in 410 CE. What emerged was what we now know as the Middle Ages...

How familiar does this all appear? Today's "invasion" would be the millions of illegal aliens who cross the border to get tax funded, social benefits.

The only thing that could possibly turn this around economically is getting rid of inflated, paper cash (USD) and the implementation of a global digital currency. That is most likely the plan but America will be a shadow of it's former self for quite awhile.
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