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Exclamation In Order To Globalize Nations, They Must Be Usurped - Examples By The USA

China Proving That USA Is Aiding Hong Kong Revolt

Excerpt: China’s office on Hong Kong blamed “external foreign forces” for the protest, citing several meetings U.S. leaders had with Hong Kong pro-democracy advocates in Washington this spring.

When a photo of State Department official Julie Eadeh meeting with a group of Hong Kong protesters was posted on social media, it immediately went viral. All over China there were cries that the U.S. was trying to start a revolution in Hong Kong, and anti-American sentiment rose to an entirely new level.

- endoftheamericandream.com

Several more examples of USA pushing globalization:

VIDEO: Euromaidan, A Slow Process To Globalization Via Destruction Of Ukraine

Trump & Wasserman Shultz Team Up To Take Maduro/Venzuela Down

Ex-US Military Ops For Assassinations + All The F/T Special Ops Across Globe

H. Clinton, Globalist, "Progressive", Neocon Responsible For Arab Spring Disaster

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Continues To Expose Our Support Of Jihadis In Syria

PS - I am not taking China's side. I am not for the military industrial complex of America or those who hate capitalism and liberty. But I am for exposing global ideology that appears to run rampant through many powerful nations, including the US.
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