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Exclamation Mercedes Benz Commercial For LGBTQ Lifestyle

Mercedes Benz Commercial For LGBTQ Lifestyle

Excerpt: The Mercedes-Benz Canada Twitter account promoted the video, writing, “Join us in celebrating the values that unite us all. Today and every day.”

- infowars.com + youtube.com

These huge corporations are assuming or trying to program people to believe that the LGBTQ lifestyle is something that we all have in common.

It's one thing to be a nice person but to equate a moral to what a group of people do in the bedroom isn't right. The unnatural relationships... the mental illness of trans people... these aren't what people condone when building a society. If anything, society will be broken down with the focus on the sex organs as a lifestyle under these unnatural conditions that are being pushed by companies like Mercedes Benz.


This promotion or mindset... a social contagion is spreading to many areas; such as how government rates advertising/images placed in the consumer's mind. Volkswagen made a commercial with men doing adventurous stuff and a woman holding a baby. The commercial was banned by the UK government.

Excerpt: The commercial was banned by the UK Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) after just three people complained, with the ASA asserting that it violated gender stereotyping rules.

“By juxtaposing images of men in extraordinary environments and carrying out adventurous activities with women who appeared passive or engaged in a stereotypical care-giving role, we considered that the ad directly contrasted stereotypical male and female roles and characteristics in a manner that gave the impression that they were exclusively associated with one gender,” said the ASA. “We concluded that the ad presented gender stereotypes in way that was likely to cause harm and therefore breached the Code.”

- infowars.com + youtube.com

Do you see how far this promotion of the LGBTQ mindset has gone? A woman holding a baby is a "stereotype"? This is nature... natural... and this "progressive" war on natural family units is also a war on nature itself.
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