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Default VIDEO: Hong Kong Protesters Fight Back Against Massive Surveillance Network

VIDEO: Hong Kong Protesters Fight Back Against Massive Surveillance Network

Excerpt: Saturday’s protest in Hong Kong was about standing against ChiCom facial recognition and the social credit score system. After the march ended, police in riot gear began clearing the streets, but many protesters stayed behind in defiance and to show their resolve for establishing a free, democratic Hong Kong.

- infowars.com

This prong of globalization and power over people, the surveillance network and the rating of people by government is one of the most dangerous weapons globalists have. It's on the streets. It's in buildings. It's in our homes. It's in our phones.

Stopping this authoritarian network is extremely important to all of humanity, especially on the streets and in our homes. Being spied upon and rated and then suffering drastic consequences for something as simple as jaywalking is intolerable to free people of all sovereign nations.

A global tool to bully people and to intimidate them is to create fear and submission to something that is not honest and right but deceptive and bad. Evil weakens people and thrusts them into a point of servitude to those who aim to rule them. That is the point of constant surveillance and rating people as good or bad in the eyes of the global super state.
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