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Exclamation VIDEO: Feminist Animalists Separate Rooster From Chickens To Prevent Chicken Rape!

VIDEO: Feminist Animalists Separate Rooster From Chickens To Prevent Chicken Rape!

Excerpt: "The eggs are from chickens." Two feminist animalists make this statement before throwing two eggs to the ground so that the chickens themselves eat them. They do it by saying that they are returned because they are theirs and they clarify that they are not fertilized because they separated the roosters from the hens so that they "did not violate them."

- liveleak.com

So not only does the LGBTQ movement and their allies not recognize that men aren't women and women aren't men as in the trans debate... now we have feminist animalists denying the nature of roosters and chickens and how they are designed.

We literally have mentally ill people denying biology and the cycle of life... laying their political ideologies upon animals to make them be like us.

This isthe work of darkness. To undermine all of nature in every way, from creating life to wanting humanity to live in cement jungles, eating fake food, away from nature... the desire to mold society into a dumbed down version of itself appears to be stronger than ever.
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