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Default Churches With No Congregations Turning Into Small Businesses

Churches With No Congregations Turning Into Small Businesses

Excerpt: Repurposing these buildings — known as adaptive reuse — is becoming increasingly common as the religious preferences of Americans shift.

In the U.S., many religious buildings were built during periods of religious growth, said Cleveland State University professor of urban planning Robert Simons.

More than 6,800 religious buildings have sold in the past five years and more than 1,400 are currently for sale in the U.S., according to the commercial real estate database CoStar.

- npr.org

It's nice that the buildings are preserved but there is a larger story here.

First, Americans aren't running off to alternative religions or choices. They are mainly forgetting about God or any version of God and instead are immersed in video games, online porn, taking anti-depressants, and struggling to stay employed or pay bills.

The strength of America came from unity through the growth of church and the commonality Americans had of many backgrounds as related to church attendance.

The dying off of churches is a symptom of not only the abuse within the church but of people who slam the church as opposed to strengthen it by purging the bad apples within it.

This concerted corruption within and the attacks from without is from sources who don't want humanity to look up to something that is greater than themselves - God. These forces want humanity to worship the coming global masters who will supply necessities to everyone... weakening all people and sovereign nations everywhere through dependency.
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