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Exclamation Look At What Is Happening In Mexico And We Should Just Open The Borders?

Look At What Is Happening In Mexico And We Should Just Open The Borders?

Excerpt: One of Mexico’s most violent criminal organizations hung the bodies of rivals from highway overpasses for intimidation purposes. The tactic was soon followed by the dumping of numerous dismembered bodies. Authorities confirmed the recovery of 19 corpses, however, the actual death toll could be higher.

- breitbart.com

This isn't a false narrative. This isn't fake news. This isn't scare tactics. This is real life. Seeing this. Knowing this. We should call the border patrol Nazis and just open up the borders to anyone?

Look at what can come in and is already here in some cases. This is why LEGAL immigration has rules... to keep the evil doers out. Yet so many people who run on emotion alone want to to simply embrace all illegals and have billions of tax dollars spent on them.

Those who undermine fair and just laws of the land are truly enemies of the land. Globalists have zero respect for sovereign nations and sovereign cultures. They only want one thing... to make everyone one whether they want it or not. And that is not diversity. That is making everyone look and think alike... conformists.
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