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Default VIDEO: "Progressive" Student Minion Has No Facts, Only Shouting & Name Calling

VIDEO: "Progressive" Student Minion Has No Facts, Only Shouting & Name Calling

I've seen this too many times to count where "progressives" or anti-conservatives have no facts and simply want to shut down an honest debate. They resort to name calling and bullying as they try to appear intelligent but only fall flat on their face in rancid sarcasm.

These youngsters are programmed by emotion and left devoid of any logic. These types have no manners, are militant and think that yelling is actually making a point.

Yelling is simply begin ignorant loudly.

This is the kind of thinking and the display of logic that globalists enjoy because it demonstrates how a narrative can be hijacked and then filled with empty points. If the masses end up like this how will they ever address a runaway, tyrannical, global government? This is why globalists aim for the dumbing-down of people. Cause they get dumb just like in the video above.
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