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Default Why Support Illegal Immigration Unless You Want To Harm Your Own Nation

Migrant Drug Dealer Hacks Up Teen While She's Alive

Excerpt: Marino said that the Nigerian drug dealer stabbed the Italian teen immediately after having sex with her. “They had a fight, they pushed, Oseghale stabbed her in the liver and after a first stab Pamela fell to the ground,” he said.

The witness went on to add that following the initial stabbing, Oseghale left the scene to fetch another man to help him dispose of Mastropietro’s body and then “returned home, convinced him that Pamela was dead and started dismembering from the foot.”

The Nigerian is then alleged to have stabbed the teen again after she allegedly tried to cry out.

If you love your nation, your people, whether a melting pot (America) or a one race nation (Japan) I would think that you would only want to allow the best and the brightest or those willing to work hard to integrate and start a business into the homeland.

Instead, we have "progressive" politicians invading the political ranks across the world aiming to destroy borders and allow anyone in because they don't care for races, cultures, religions or tribes. They care about the centralization of all life. They are on a power trip to hurt all nations and allow anyone in who cares to come over.

Take the Nigerian drug dealer as an example. All nations have drug dealers. They are a problem. But the "progressives" allow anyone in. They don't address drug problems within a nation as most think all drugs should be legal anyway. Instead they want more people to come in of any quality; such as drug dealers.

"Progressives" are a problem.
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