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Default Professor Guides 1,000 Children Into Becoming Trans Identities

Professor Guides 1,000 Children Into Becoming Trans Identities

Excerpt: Johanna Olson-Kennedy is an associate professor of clinical pediatrics at USC’s Keck School of Medicine as well as the medical director of the Center for Transyouth Health and Development at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. Olson-Kennedy has advocated “gender affirming treatment” for significant numbers of children who claim transgender identities, comparing them to diabetic patients who need insulin.

She has also advised that the minimum age for cross-sex hormones treatment can be as young as 8-years-old.

According to Reuters, Olson-Kennedy has worked with about 1,000 children and youths, assisting and affirming them as they adopt a transgender identity.

- thecollegefix.com

What we have here and in many other fields (teachers) are professionals who are not using science but emotion and feelings to steer children into a box outside of nature. This is an ideology of experimentation that is being mainstreamed in order to destroy the balance of nature, natural sexes, natural genders, going through life as we are born and going through the ups and downs of life as our true, natural selves. It is a breaking up of scientific definition that holds true to mankind from the beginning of time that got us to here and now... the successes of civilization.

You see... this is the weakening of logic for emotion. To allow people to exist on emotion based choices as opposed to the logic of stopping the destruction of male and female. The lines are being blurred to a point where unisex beings will exist... not man and woman... family... lineage.

Once we are shackled with all the new pronouns that will be mandated to use when addressing someone... once future generations are used to men turning into women... all of this will be the dividing of humanity from family based power structures to self-absorbed people dependent on the government in their chosen gender.

This may sound creative but in reality it is a following designed to trigger emotional responses out of not strength but of weakness because it makes overall society weak and dependent.
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