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Default Philosopher Warns Linking Brains To Computers Will Destroy Independent Thinking

Philosopher Warns Linking Brains To Computers Will Destroy Independent Thinking

Excerpt: Linking human consciousness to a computer cloud with the capability of reading everyone’s thoughts simultaneously could lead to “totalitarian mind control,” warns philosopher Slavoj Zizek.

“The next step in this “utopia” will be a computer that can read my thoughts and your thoughts that can connect us so that we can share our thoughts. If you and I are connected through the same computer, I can literally participate in your thinking directly without any external communication like word typing,” he writes.

Zizek said he found the prospect of this mass shared consciousness “pretty horrifying” because it would totally destroy freedom of thought and individuality.

- summit.news

This is a very real danger. Remember when we brought up the technology that allows users to connect to Wikipedia for knowledge within... like searching for answers within your brain while cerebrally connected to Wikipedia?

So we know that Wikipedia is a limited source of information, especially for expression just like Twitter is a limited landscape to fully express one's self.

These technologies allow people to become lazy and dependent. Why read when you can get an easy answer form Wikipedia from your brain connection?

Now add in others taking part in your thoughts... within your sovereign mind?! This is worse than allowing millions of illegal immigrants in across the borders to get free social benefits because it attacks all individuals within their head.

Watch this VIDEO where the user connects online through his brain and receives answers within his head to repeat the answers verbally. Scary. It is this kind of "cool" technology that will become a fad and people will glom onto it like they have with smartphones.

What kind of control are you willing to concede over to government and corporations just to be trendy?
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