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Old June 9th, 2020, 07:38 AM
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Exclamation The Democrats Will Do Anything To Get Votes Including Cultural Appropriation!

The Democrats Will Do Anything To Get Votes Including Cultural Appropriation!

Excerpt: In their latest absurd showing of "solidarity" with the Black Lives Matter movement, Nancy Pelosi and a host of Democratic lawmakers took a knee and - get this - donned traditional African garb during a press briefing...

Charlie Kirk wondered, how come, when normal people wear tribal outfits, it's "cultural appropriation", but when Democrats do it as a cynical political ploy, it's somehow noble.

- zerohedge

Democrats and Republicans have gotten America to this point in time right now. It's a terrible time. Covid-19. Trade wars. Now we have the mob looting and pillaging and local politicians allow it for fear of angering the outlaws.

It's one thing to protest but it's quite another to have a movement taken over by criminals... and now we get this... Pelosi and her Democrat partners have taken ***-kissing to a whole new level by wearing African clothing in respect for George Floyd. Mr. Floyd by the way isn't African. He's an American.

So now these Democrats will do whatever it takes to show how much they care about black lives and want to show the world.

This is ultimate theater and it is this act of "caring" that is a dead end for anyone who believes the Democrats because all they care about is keeping the idea alive that everyone is suppressed by white people. Everyone is a victim of white power.

All of this is a lie. Yes, black people do get murdered by white's but they are murdered far more by other blacks... so where's Black Lives Matter when that happens? Where's Nancy Pelosi when that happens?

They are no-where. This virtue signaling is as low as it can go. It is stuff like this that makes the rioters want to burn more stuff because fake politicians behave like they are African step-sisters.

Fake! Fake! Fake!
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