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Default Today's Techniques Of Destroying The Minds Of School Kids

To accomplish anything in life one needs a system of doing things in an organized fashion in order to keep track of progress and failures.

Luck plays little when it comes to success but goals and working towards those goals plays large when it comes to success.

This applies to everything from going fishing (knowing where to fish, what type of fish are the target and what equipment to bring) to creating a new vaccine (knowing the targeted virus and how it works, what has or has not worked in the past, what types of pharmacological chemicals to use, data on how the project has been improving or not)... these both need structure based on thought, facts and action in order to succeed.

Today we have "progressives" (who run the public school system) teaching that structure, goal setting , objectivity, hard work, etc. are all racist constructs created by Caucasians (white people) and are therefore bad and should be tossed aside.

Today's Techniques Of Destroying The Minds Of School Kids

Excerpt: Belvedere Elementary School, Virginia. pic.twitter.com/6qD0IO4FA1

The “15 characteristics of white supremacy” include “perfectionism,” a “sense of urgency,” “individualism,” and “objectivity.”

By discouraging positive concepts such as these by associating them with white supremacy, teachers are actually harming the chances of non-white children from progressing in school.

...such characteristics were not solely revered in white societies, and that people from other cultures “would be highly offended by hearing them described as “white supremacy.”

Great example of the provincial, monocultural nature of CRT. I can think of at least half a dozen non-Western cultures where some or all of those 15 traits are valued, and people would be highly offended by hearing them described as "white supremacy." — Charles Hoskinson (@cehoskinson) October 7, 2020

- infowars.com

Now that you've seen it with your own eyes and have heard the calls by BLM, ANTIFA and university professors to stop anything that is white... to deconstruct whiteness (aka destroying whiteness)... you must stay aware that this is an ongoing call.

The call isn't to empower people who aren't white. The truth behind the call is to dumb down all people, everywhere. Instead of providing objective tools for people to grow in knowledge, whether it be in the sciences, math, writing or thinking factually and logically it is a call to erase those modes of thinking so that government and corporations can think for people and make them dependent... dependent upon more intelligent robotics and artificial intelligence in the future.

Just like how the leftists & the "progressives"... all in the democrat party have kept black people down with addictive social welfare programs instead of loans for businesses, literally enslaving their minds to believe in social freebies instead of hard work, this destroying of education and the war on white people, capitalism and the US Constitution is to make all people dumber and more reliant on government.

Telling children that objectivity, perfectionism and goal-setting is bad is like telling boys that they are girls and girls that they are boys and giving them hormone treatments to change them (creation of transsexuals)... it's the promotion of mental illness and the suppression of potential and truth.

The attacks on children today come in the form of a smile and teaching but backed by lies, deception and bad intentions.

When the United Nations claims it wants education for all, especially girls, they don't mean objective and factual thinking. They want to create a world where people don't know the realities of how hard work can make everlasting change. Instead they want minds that will support a system of dependency as brought forward by globalists... not intelligent, organized people who know how to change all that towards a more free world of independence.

It starts with the programming of children in schools.

Besides schools where children are being stunted mentally in order to create a more compliant future for the globalists there are other institutions spewing out this exact same propaganda. The Smithsonian Institute. Really.

Smithsonian Institute Aims To Destroy Traits Designed For Intelligence

Excerpt: ...according to the Smithsonian, values like “hard work,” “self-reliance,” “be[ing] polite,” and timeliness are all a product of the “white dominant culture.” Indeed, it turns out that conventional grammar, Christianity, the notion that “intent counts” in courts of law, and the scientific method and its emphasis on “objective, rational linear thinking” are all proprietary to “white culture.”

...how insidious it is to teach black children to reject intellectual and personal traits that promote personal and civic success — in the U.S. or anywhere else.

...Smithsonian’s caretakers chose to tell our children that values like hard work and rationality are part of the “white” inheritance—and don’t come naturally to those raised in other cultures.

- realclearpolicy.com

The idea to think it's okay to present material that is patently false to children in schools, from the Smithsonian Institute, etc. is a pervasive activity that has grown by leaps and bounds. It says that it's okay to denigrate Caucasians but to not just denigrate them but to blame most inventions and intellectual material on them... that they are to blame for everything wrong with every societal system across the world and that people must begin to think less objectively and less factually in order to be a whole human being which Caucasians cannot do because they are racist by their very nature.

See the insanity in all this? These "progressives" have nothing good for your child's future. You can bank on that.
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