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Default Remember The Global War On Terror? Now It's The Domestic War On Terror!

According to Tom Dispatch:

In September 2001, the Bush administration launched the “Global War on Terror.”

...since 2001, the U.S. war on terror has resulted in the loss — conservatively estimated — of almost half a million lives in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan alone. By the end of 2019, we also estimate that Washington’s global war will cost American taxpayers no less than $5.9 trillion...

The U.S. is fighting its global war on terror in 40% of the world’s nations.

...there are more than 800 American military bases around the world...

We've seen the tragedies in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, etc.... nations ravaged by powerful globalist forces (allies of nations) and extremists aligning with these globalists destroy entire civilizations unitl they are piles of rubble in the name of the "war on terror" aka "global war on terror".

The original excuse to unleash all this Hell was because of a handful of terrorists, mainly from the Middle East who have assassinated, executed, blown up and murdered those who might not have the Middle East's best interests in mind but also innocent people; such as Olympic athletes have been taken out too.

Guess what? Now, in the USA, the surveillance state has been setup and reinforced and the true colors of liberalism/leftists has been exposed (hating on history, white people, western education/STEM, capitalism/property ownership, etc.).

Leftists knew that there would be backlash from American loving citizens and slowly this surveillance state has been built against its own people it turns out. Americans.

Today, President Biden is unleashing the concept/idea and a real bill aimed at domestic terrorism but as Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard said, "The proposed legislation could create “a very dangerous undermining of our civil liberties, our freedoms in our Constitution, and a targeting of almost half of the country.”

An alliance of those who claim to be "woke", "cancel culture", leftists, "progressives", communists, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, LGBTQ groups and the umbrella of globalists have been aligning to turn America away from having borders... away from the family unit (parent 1 & parent 2)... away from Christian values... away from people of European decent (being white is racist)... away from capitalism... away from property ownership and the list goes on.

This alliance is aiming to create a world that is managed by a few multinational corporations that will control the global supply chain as well as all resources.

Independent people don't want that... they want freedom and to choose how their life goes as opposed to becoming dependent and being told how to look and how to think and to not have families or worship God.

We have seen Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, news outlets, Hollywood all ban people, groups and ideas that don't mesh with the overall globalist theme and their allies who are destroying the fabric of America. From censorship to assault... it is happening and citizens who love America and God are the targets. Nationalism is the enemy. The science of two genders... male and female is the enemy. So many American beliefs are the enemy.

Look at the surveillance state that has been built while things were going nicely. The excuse of the global war on terror was simply a delay (some knew it all along)... it would be turned against American citizens and to help justify this soft attack the leftists/globalists ratcheted up their rhetoric and their violence against America and white people and now hard working Asian people are coming under attack because of their personal success.

Chaos and division has been created.

This is no accident. The plan to mold America into a servant of the globalists is happening. Even many of those in the ranks as globalist allies don't see this as they simply believe they are building a better America when in fact they are tearing down the very thing that could provide a free lifestyle of success and good work. They are creating a prison and those that speak out against all this backstabbing and machinations will be labeled as domestic terrorists where speech alone... where print alone... are the evils that the state must fight and suppress and censor with their powerful resources that have laid waste to so many nations across the globe.

This is terrifying. This is terrorism by the state and their allies. It is an attack upon the peaceful foundations of America that have evolved over time. The old ways have been cast aside as wrong... slavery... bigotry... unfair work practices and so much more to get a wonderful nation... now it's all being destroyed for a world of dependency and fear.

The foolish foot-soldiers are many.

Thoughtful, opinionated, curious, questioning, patriotic Americans of all colors and creeds... you are no longer safe in your homeland, at work, online. You are being watched, surveyed and perhaps you'll get a visit too.

Resource: The Global War On "Terror" Mapped Out + Other Global Connections

If you read the information at the link above you'll see how vast and powerful the globalist machine is and that many nations leaders are working together to create a global empire. It's not just western forces. Once you get a grasp upon the magnitude of this place that power against Americans and how vast that global power can manipulate American citizens or the citizens of any nation.
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