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Default The State Of Facial Recognition Use Across The Globe 2020

The State Of Facial Recognition Use Across The Globe 2020

Excerpt: From public CCTV cameras to biometric identification systems in airports, facial recognition technology is now common in a growing number of places around the world.

In its most benign form, facial recognition technology is a convenient way to unlock your smartphone. At the state level though, facial recognition is a key component of mass surveillance, and it already touches half the global population on a regular basis.

* In the U.S., a 2016 study showed that already half of American adults were captured in some kind of facial recognition network.

* Home to over 209 million, Brazil soon plans to create a biometric database of its citizens. However, some are nervous that this could also serve as a means to prevent dissent...

* 80% of Europeans are not keen on sharing facial data with authorities. Despite such negative sentiment, it’s still in use across 26 European countries to date.

* In Moscow alone, there are reportedly over 100,000 facial recognition enabled cameras in operation.

* Facial recognition technology is widespread in this region, notably for military purposes (Middle East).

* China is often cited as a notorious use case of mass surveillance, and the country has the highest ratio of CCTV cameras to citizens in the world—one for every 12 people. By 2023, China will be the single biggest player in the global facial recognition market.

* Several African countries, such as Kenya and Uganda, have received telecommunications and surveillance financing and infrastructure from Chinese companies—Huawei in particular.

- visualcapitalist.com

That is a small snippet of the uses and abuses by those governments who utilize facial recognition technology and it will only get worse. Not that long ago this technology didn't exist. Today, governments are instituting these surveillance technologies at an exponential rate.

Citizens of many nations are seen as enemies and this vast surveillance network not only nets hardened criminals; such as murderers but also free-thinking people who don't agree with government and particular politicians or their policies.

See, its the action of getting the word out or exposing true intent that is the enemy of many in government and the corporate world. By exposing them (globalists in particular) they must regroup and re-plan in order to keep the citizenry blind to their agenda... that is the reason for global surveillance... a global surveillance grid that will someday be interconnected across the planet where hiding will be the norm for fear of being seen and connected to a statement that runs against state propaganda.

Surveillance comes first, investigation comes next, punishment comes last.

In the future, investigation may be nixed entirely as the standards for intelligence are dumbed-down and suspicion becomes the new mandate for punishment... everyone will become a suspect... are we not now? If we are not suspects then why the growing use of facial recognition?

Don't Forget, this is a snippet of the growing abuse of this technology as places like Beijing To Link Facial Recognition System With Social Credit Score.

Your lives will become entirely reliant upon your submissive behavior in action and in thought. It will get more invasive and it will get worse.

In the past, those who protested the use of technology that either undermined jobs or a way of life were crushed; such as the Luddites because long ago the State established the principle that industrialists have the right to continually impose new technology, without any process of negotiation, either with the people who have to operate it or with society at large.
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