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Default Pope Sees Director Scorsese For 2nd Time - What About Real People?

Pope Sees Director Scorsese For 2nd Time - What About Real People?

Excerpt: This was the second time the pope has granted an audience to Scorsese. In 2016, the pope met with the director in preparation for the Rome premiere of his film Silence...

- breitbart.com

The rich and powerful rub shoulders with one another. Where is the firing and prosecution of all the pedophile priests? How is the Pope answering the questions of disillusioned Catholics everywhere?

The Pope has pride and enjoys the limelight that corrupt Hollywood directors cast upon the world. This is unholy and it's ironic that Scorsese would ask how the elderly can guide the young as he has been making some pretty violent movies through time.

The Pope is also elderly. Maybe he should ask himself how he can guide the young? He certainly isn't doing well in that department.

This meeting only serves star-power and ego. There is nothing solved but there are plenty of platitudes.
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