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Default What's the attacks on Christianity all about?

Whether you're a Christian or not you've witnessed the corruption of a handful of clergy members within the church (Christian, Catholic or otherwise). You've also seen how the LGBTQ community, Atheists, Anarchists, Muslims, Hindus and powerful industry leaders have attacked Christian based religion.

Many organizations have a few bad apples that ruin the lot. Even Christianity. Yet Christian precepts, values, and spiritual dogma govern man to be kind. Some religions; such as Muslims do not tow the same line with "kind" dogma. So why have the previous mentioned groups and others seemingly become united to attack Christianity? Is it because the freedom of Christianity meshes perfectly with the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence? Is accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior a major threat to these groups and the globalist agenda?

There is a force that has set it's site on Christianity in order to break it down, influence it's followers to turn away, and to cast a shadow over those who would otherwise profess their Christian faith. Obviously the globalists, in all their perverted forms, gain much by having a major religion pushed into a corner. Globalists and their "progressive" foot-soldiers prefer having the masses believe in man as opposed to a higher power - God. Without God to look up to and have faith in there is only a global government to believe in. That is limited, uncreative, and short-sighted.

As things continue trending, Christians will be persecuted more so. Is it time for Christians to quit turning the other cheek, unite, plan, and fight back? If not the trend will continue, the globalists will win, and God will be frowned upon by the faithless and those who follow the faithless.

Article - Toronto Allows Muslim Prayer In Public Schools, Bans Christian, Other Prayer

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Article - Pope Francis Calls For A New Global Political Authority To Save Humanity Even the Pope is desiring that a global political machine take over.

Article + Video - Christian Preachers Brutally Beaten At Gay Pride Festival

Website - Shoebat.com (Graphic!)
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