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Default VIDEO: The Pope Recognizes Seven Chinese Govt. Approved Catholic Bishops

VIDEO: The Pope Recognizes Seven Chinese Govt. Approved Catholic Bishops

Excerpt: "The signing of a provisional agreement between the Holy See and the People's Republic of concerning the appointment of bishops is of a great importance, especially for the life of the (Catholic) Church in , for the dialogue between the Holy See and authorities of that country and also for the promotion of a horizon of peace in these present times in which we experience so many tensions at the international level," said Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s secretary of state".

- liveleak.com

If you read carefully this is great importance, especially for the life of the (Catholic) Church. Meaning the Catholic Church will accept state appointed bishops to simply get into China as opposed to continuing the mission of the Catholic Church from a place of legitimacy.

How legitimate is a state appointed bishop? A bishop appointed by a communistic country who is literally attacking Christianity and Muslims... religion in general.

The Pope is now in bed with a totalitarian government that aims to become the new global leader and have a government sanctioned religion in play.

Do you see any danger here for the minds of people?

On another note with the massive amount of child molestation's, the numbers of parishioners leaving the Catholic Church are rising. New parishioners are declining. They simply need more parishioners (source of money) and obviously they will do anything to achieve their goals... even have communists rule over bishops.

Remember this---> China Burning Thousands Of Crosses And Bibles
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