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Default Paris Riots Surge Due To New Security Bill

Paris Riots Surge Due To New Security Bill

Excerpt: On Nov. 27, the French National Assembly approved the Global Security bill’s Article 24, which makes it illegal to distribute images or videos of police officers that can easily be identified.

The security bill has been criticized by activists and journalists, who warn the government is set to increase its surveillance tools and restrict rights of posting images and videos of police officers online. Journalists say this violates freedom of the press.

- activistpost.com

Where a civilization is spying on its citizens 24/7... where the government is passing laws to inflate markets or invade other nations using the people's tax dollars... where politicians represent globalists and the destruction of borders... where anything goes for government but not the people and now the police who will enforce the restrictions on the people... the people who are being attacked by their "leaders".

No wonder the tables are turning against government and even our loved police as they go after citizens so politicians can stay in power to enforce more draconian laws.

What a web that has been spun. Fighting back seems to be the only choice now.
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