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Default Trump Believes It's Ok That Khashogi Was Butchered Since Saudi Oil Is Cheap

Trump Believes It's Ok That Khashoggi Was Butchered Since Saudi Oil Is Cheap

Excerpt: One day after President Trump once again laid bare his primary motive for giving Saudi Arabia a pass over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi (Trump told a group of reporters that oil prices would go "through the roof" should there be a rupture between the US and the Kingdom), the president once again left little room for subtlety by thanking the kingdom for helping to facilitate this month's record-setting slide in oil prices.

- zerohedge.com

And here's the question... was the murder of Khashoggi acceptable because otherwise oil prices would go very high? Is it ok for one to be tortured and murdered... a journalist... and the murderer is given a pass so America can drive cheaply?

Aren't people murdered every day by government... even by their own government? Then why would Trump or any other government balk at this murder?

We balk because it's in the news and we don't like this. If it wasn't in the news would America even care? They don't balk about the invasion of Syria. We exist for a paycheck and material possessions... nothing more.

When was the last time a logically thinking American... an American rose up to the occasion to save the USA? Can't think of one unless we go all the way back to the revolution when people fought to free America from England.
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