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Exclamation VIDEO: The Consequence Of Cowardice (All People Everywhere)

VIDEO: The Consequence Of Cowardice (All People Everywhere)

This video describes the philosophical differences between the ancient tribes of the north, Germanic, Celts, etc. and how they viewed the world and their place in it... especially the roles of cowardice, fear, love and family.

It doesn't stop there, besides comparing their outlook on life to that of Romes it also compares their philosophy of life back then to modern day life today.

Today we survive (cowardice) in a manufactured reality where our thoughts are highly structured and based upon illusions built around us by those with an agenda to weaken us through propaganda, lies, economic coercion, threats and death while life back then was based not on fear of an overlord but love of family and tribe. It was based on love which also meant freedom... freedom from being enslaved by Rome... freedom of the tribe to live in harmony with nature and the natural state of man and woman together (holy union), creating the family, the greatest team on earth.

After seeing this video I believe that it also applies to many tribes from south, north, east and west because the majority of people back then (wherever they came from) wanted to remain free and not under the boot of a warring nation; such as Rome of the past or America, China or Russia today.

Obviously this research project is about examining how certain ideologies; such as "progressives", war-hawks and globalists are enslaving minds by attacking the natural state of man and woman, making claims that sovereign nations are greedy as related to borders and that diversity should be the mashing together of all people everywhere as opposed to respecting and appreciating all people everywhere for their differences and their unique perspectives on life.

This is the modern day slavery that this video eludes to. That we, all tribes, are being whittled down, broken down and incessantly attacked by a force that has one agenda but many prongs to succeed at that agenda... that agenda being the watering down and enslavement of mankind's unlimited mind.

Mental chains are being applied... every time we give our attention to worthless news online, a video game, a TV show about how great being LGBTQ is... all of this and more as opposed to paying attention to our family... our mother and father... our God. As opposed to freedom and love, we focus on that manufactured reality they place over our eyes, deceiving our mind, limiting it to dumb soundbites of information.
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