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Exclamation 80 More Sears Stores Closing

80 More Sears Stores Closing

Excerpt: Sears plans to close 80 more stores across the U.S. in March, as the bankrupt retailer may be forced to liquidate its business entirely, CNBC has learned.

Sears told workers this week that it expects to begin liquidation sales at the 80 stores in two weeks. The accompanying Sears Auto Centers will also be shut.

We all know Sears is doomed. It can't compete with the online retailers... Amazon and Walmart. Walmart is trying to compete with Amazon's online presence but its tough as Amazon had another record breaking online sales year with Christmas.

Back to Sears... they are a dinosaur and dinosaurs went extinct. This isn't due to natural causes or due to a meteorite from outer space crashing into Earth... this is shrewd, greedy business that is supported by government as well.

If Amazon takes all of Sears customers and all the customers they have now... if they take the whole pie... who's to stop them? The government is deep in bed with Amazon.

So just as Sears fades away due to ruthless business practices... so will other brick-and-mortar businesses.

This ruthlessness on the business front is a prong of globalization... control of market share. It's a formula to control what is made available to buy, what is produced to buy, what is okay to buy and who does the selling.

Remember this---> Amazon's Fusion With US Federal Power

This too---> More In-Depth On Amazon - The Powerhouse With Military Contracts

China does it too... to other nations---> China To Take Over Kenyan Port Cause Kenya Can't Pay Off Loan
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