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Default Is Abusing A Baby In The Womb Child Abuse - Not In Pennsylvania

Is Abusing A Baby In The Womb Child Abuse - Not In Pennsylvania

Excerpt: Pennsylvania's highest court says mothers who use illegal drugs while pregnant can't be considered perpetrators of child abuse against their newly born children under the state's child protection law.

This is the continued war on fetuses, babies and children by the "progressives" who aim to make life mean next to nothing.

What's sad is what if a man was beating a pregnant woman and killed the forming child within her? Some courts wouldn't care but we all know prison justice would care. Pedophiles and baby killers aren't liked in prison. So is there more justice in prison then within some of our own courts? Is there actually more humanity and logic within prison on some basic level... a level of understanding that has been clouded by politics and overly complicated minds outside of prison? On a deeper note, perhaps it is the liberal intellectual who has gone so far off path of logic that it is his/her way of thinking that is a major problem today.

So why aren't pregnant women, moms, set as responsible for the life that they carry? Why is responsibility so frowned upon?

These are not good trends for a society if it is to be mentally, physically and spiritually strong. Society is getting weak and we can look to all the wicked prongs of the globalist agenda for that. They and their hatred for responsibility and sovereignty are a huge problem.

Doctor Sentenced To 3YRS. Prison For Giving Girlfriend Abortion Pill, Killing Baby Inside Her

This "doctor" was sentenced to twenty years but will serve only three. He should serve time. He killed a forming human being on purpose, causing great distress to the mom.
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