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Default Interview On ANTIFA And How They Are Unstable, Leftist Whites With Money

Interview On ANTIFA And How They Are Unstable, Leftist Whites With Money

Excerpt: The thing about places like Portland and San Francisco is that they aren’t nice. They have a reputation for being wooly and hippieish and silly, but they are in fact very angry places, full of very angry people. They are also highly segregated places in ways that the South and Southwest really aren’t. Angry white people with money make the world go ’round, apparently.

They are the American Left’s answer to the Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale, down to the penchant for black shirts. They perform the same function: using violence and intimidation to silence political opposition and to terrorize the political opposition. “Fascist” is a notoriously difficult word to define, but they are as close to a textbook case as you are going to find.

Loneliness. Almost none of this is really about politics at heart. Younger people have lives disproportionately involved with sterile social-media relationships, and relationships in the real world are increasingly informed by the social-media sensibility, which is one of mutual instrumentation. We could choose any metric of success and happiness we want, and we’ve settled on the crude quantification of love and human connection. The people suffering under that particular boot-heel don’t realize that they are wearing the boot, and that they have the power to take it off of their own necks at any time they want, that they can take a little freedom out for a spin and see if they like it. They don’t need a revolution. They need Jesus.

You get the idea. These ANTIFA folks are unstable. They have no clue as to the freedoms that they have. They are like teenagers who whine about their lack of cool clothes at school when they should be expressing gratitude for everything they have.

In the video look at Portland. It's a clean place yet these ANTIFA folks act as if they live in the slums of Venezuela. They fight against freedom. They are ignorant... like a dog who eats its own vomit.

Globalists love this stuff. Those who destroy themselves, their tribe, culture, religion, homeland... they are the globalists favorite stooge.

They embarrass themselves---> Leftists Cancel Women's March Because Majority Attendees Are White
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