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Default How China Is Taking Africa And Other Nations... Piece By Piece

How China Is Taking Africa And Other Nations... Piece By Piece

Excerpt: It's not just Kenya and Angola: other notable examples of China's debt-funded colonization endgame include Sri Lanka, where difficulties servicing $8 billion of infrastructure-related borrowing from China led to the handing over of a controlling equity stake and a 99-year operating lease for the country's second-largest port at Hambantota to a subsidiary of a Chinese state-owned enterprise in December 2017.

For Pakistan, more than 90% of revenues generated at the newly developed Gwadar Port at the mouth of the strategically significant Gulf of Oman are collected by the Chinese operator.

And so, as more developing, peripheral countries default on Chinese loans and are forced to hand over the keys to key sovereign projects to Beijing, China will slowly but surely "colonize" not just Africa but many of the Asian nations in the "Belt and Road Initiative"...

Globalization in all its forms... the US and their ability to destroy the Middle East... the EU and its ability to destroy their own natives and western civilization by allowing millions of illegals into the homeland... China and its ability to grow in military might and take Africa via economic coercion... all leads to one thing - a centralized, global supply chain and rulership.

Remember this---> Life Long President Xi Says China Must Lead Way In Global Governance
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