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Default Taxation - The Weapon Of Choice To Force People To Pay For Things They Don't Want

Taxation - The Weapon Of Choice To Force People To Pay For Things They Don't Want

Excerpt: Under the Green New Deal, Americans would have to power their homes with renewable energy, such as wind and solar power. Every home and business in the United States would have to be “upgraded” for “state-of-the-art energy efficiency, comfort and safety.” And a slew of massive government social programs and mandates would be created.

As mentioned in the article there are also provisions for items that have nothing to do with renewable energy as is the case with most bills. Non-related items are hidden inside in the hopes that others won't find them and pass the bill. Shady. And both parties do it.

The big problem here is that people are struggling to make a living and the government wants more taxes to fund their pet projects. With the "green deal" this could spell trouble.

In France the Yellow Jacket protests are all about Macron and his desire to raise taxes in order to fund green projects. Look how that was taken---> France: Tax Protesters/Yellow Jackets Torch Toll Booths & Break Surveillance Cameras

Salvini Of Italy Backs Yellow Jackets

Clearly the siphoning off of wealth is not supported in many areas of the world for any reason... even "green" reasons. Things would be a lot different and agreeable if politicians fought for their nation and didn't lie to The People's faces. Corruption is strong in government.
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