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Exclamation PayPal CFO Says, "The Death Of Cash Is Here"

PayPal CFO Says, "The Death Of Cash Is Here"

Excerpt: There are factors responsible for the decaying presence of cash, Rainey said. The first is the digitization of payments. The second is the growth of mobile devices.

Rainey said the size of the “underserved” population is about 2 billion people globally who “don’t have access to things that you and I take for granted, like a checking account or a savings account.”

“The unique aspect of those 2 billion people is roughly 70% have a mobile device,” Rainey said. “With that combination together, we can put all the power of a bank branch and all the financial services in the palm of their hand.”

- cnbc.com

In essence what is being said is that as the digitization of cash grows across the world and more people have mobile devices then those who are "underserved" by being "unbanked" will be taken into the fold of the global, financial system with the merging of cell phones and digital cash (wait until we get microchips placed into our bodies).

No longer will those sovereign nations who have free people, who aren't a part of the global system, be able to escape from being a part of it. It will be mandatory.

This sounds dark. What we must look at is how has becoming a part of the financial system... this manufactured reality boxed us in in a way that has limited our choices and thinking in life (limiting our unlimited minds).

The system provides us with the choices that it deems acceptable. As the system grows and claims more and more that tribes, traditional people and conservative people are a danger to the system or a threat and there have been no attacks made by such people unless provoked; such as by extreme Muslims... then one can see that this system is not favorable to freedom in the sense of preserving the past and natural relationships.

So is becoming a part of the financial system a benefit to all people or is it simply a consolidation of power over all people in the end by ensnaring them within a box that is fed what is acceptable by the system... trans children, trans athletes, not supportive of natural, female athletes, male toxicity, white privilege, inflated prices to keep people from owning property, suffocating mom-and-pop businesses in favor of international corporatism, etc. The list goes on and on.

By getting people into the economic fold they ultimately give up their rights to land, natural resources and even modern day information to a point where we are intellectually inferior to those who rule us as we are given choices that will literally dumb us down... which is occurring now.

Digital cash if uncentralized can be good.

Centralized and controlled digital cash will be controlled as the ultimate power source over us. We need it to buy anything... anything that will be tracked through the use of traceable, digital money.

Remember... cold hard cash is anonymous. Digital money is not.

Pay attention---> How To Place A Banking System Upon A Nation & Slowly Be Rid Of Cash

This---> Extreme Globalists Who Centralize All People/All Resources Are An Invasive Species
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