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Default School Kids Suffer Under Lack Of Logic Education From Leftists - 2+2 = 5

School Kids Suffer Under Lack Of Logic Education From Leftists - 2+2 = 5

Excerpt: A Black Lives Matter-supporting teacher took to Twitter to assert that 2+2 only = 4 because of “western imperialism.”

In this case, Marshall appears to be arguing that maths itself is racist, an argument that has been made by numerous social justice warriors down the years, some of whom question why ‘Western Math’ is in common use and not other methods such as the way Aborigines count...

The notion that 2+2 might not = 4 is of course lifted from George Orwell’s 1984, when the one party state was able to torture dissidents into believing it could equal 5.

- infowars.com

This is the type of thinking that leads to poor school scores especially when compared to the rest of the world. The idea to allow "teachers" to teach kids something that is not helpful to stay competitive is a prime example of how school leadership has turned into leftist ideology.

See, when schools get rid of facts, science, biology, logic, math, real numbers, rules and formats for scientific thinking and getting to the root of a hypothesis or equation... 2+2 is not 4... this is the turning of kids into subjective thinkers only as opposed to objective... to only emotional bias and not logical.

By destroying education, a western education that has invented and nearly improved most every other invention across the planet... this leads to intellectual death, the death of seeking real answers that are not boxed in by the leftist doctrine of "anything goes".

By attempting to change how one looks at problems like this (math) this makes it that much harder for kids to grow up to look at the world from a logical lens and therefore makes it harder for them to fight blatant oppression that may be defined in the future as something good for you... and they won't even know it as they only focus on a limited way to see the world... an emotional lens and that's it.

No one in a court of law wins on emotion. Cases are won on logic and facts. Witnesses and hard evidence.
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