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Exclamation VIDEO: How AI Will Cause Mass Unemployment

VIDEO: How AI Will Cause Mass Unemployment

- liveleak.com

Dr. John Hopcroft, a professor from Cornell University in New York who specializes in AI research and is a recipient of the prestigious Turing Award speaks about how AI will displace many employed people.

As we have done much research here, robotics and AI will replace human workers in the easiest jobs first... repetitive tasks. Then, more intelligent jobs will be taken over. This takeover by corporations who displace their own people with robotics and AI will cause great pain through mass unemployment.

What will people's value be then once they become entirely dependent upon this system as consumers of resources? Don't you think the carbon footprint will then be examined much more closely for everyone? Don't you think there will be limited choices in everything from clothes to food?

The future world may be quite dull with few choices as people will also become like cattle, fed and housed. This is the dream of the power-hungry globalist.
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