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Old July 31st, 2020, 11:38 PM
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Exclamation As Leftists Create Chaos For The Globalists To Bring In Order... What Is Happening?

The following are simply a couple examples of the side-effects of the leftists (ANTIFA, BLM, corrupt politicians, powerful corporations) destroying the foundations, the morality and the organization of America.

With New York's Mayor DeBlasio and other leftist politicians wanting to defund the police we get---> Junkies Turn Stretch Of NYC’s Midtown Into A Shooting Gallery

Excerpt: “They’ve taken over the tables, blatantly using needles and shooting up heroin all day long,” said a local worker who asked that he only be identified as James. “There’s no police action, there’s no reach-out. There’s nobody preventing this, and you know we’ve had multiple calls to 311 but nobody really responds. It’s becoming a real problem.”

- nypost.com

Now that ANTIFA and BLM have attacked, looted and torched through many cities and the "progressive" politicians have bowed to this mob of leftists... why shouldn't the children behave the same way?---> VIDEO: 300 Teens Trash Putt-Putt Fun Center After They’re Denied Refund

Excerpt: “Unfortunately, yesterday evening we had an incident that we have never experienced in 57 years of business. Parents chose to leave large groups of teenagers at our facility without their supervision. Some of those people chose to create a disturbance the likes of which we have never seen.”

- infowars.com

Those are only a couple real-life examples of how things are getting out of control. Heroin addicts are taking over the streets with no push-back from any authority and kids are rioting in miniature golf centers, showing no manners or civility to deal with any problem they come up against.

This chaos is because of leftists who are trying to destroy what America was. They want chaos and the destruction of American civilization; to transform it into a hell hole where no real identity exists.
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