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Default The Rise Of Socialism

The Rise Of Socialism

Excerpt: All of this began with a premise that the government could centrally plan prosperity – that a tiny political elite could engineer wealth and efficient productivity while simultaneously providing an endless supply of free benefits to the constituents who keep them in power.

This experiment in central planning has notoriously failed throughout history (and it bankrupted Venezuela in less than two decades).

Every time people feel like they’re getting screwed by the system... every time they feel like someone else has an unfair advantage, there are cries to seize assets, confiscate wealth, and centrally plan prosperity.

All of these socialists in American politics... the college students calling for socialism... the groups aiming to break capitalism; ANTIFA and others... all of these people are focused on taking from others as opposed to making capitalism better and less corrupt.

Like abusive taxes... socialism and the calls for it are wealth destroyers.
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