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Exclamation SAT Creates "Adversity" Score To Excuse Poor Test Results Due To Tough Life

SAT Creates "Adversity" Score To Excuse Poor Test Results Due To Tough Life

Excerpt: Test administrators announced plans this week to include an ‘adversity score’ for every student taking the SAT.

This score will excuse poor test results if the student lives in a high crime neighborhood, went to a poor high school, is living in a single parent or low income household, and so on.

- sovereignman.com

There are tons of kids who come back from tough circumstances. Adversity in life is what makes people stronger and yes, it can also overwhelm.

So now the thinking is that if you have a tough time you should be given a pass? This will give us the brightest and the best? I don't think so.

Who's to say that a kid who comes from a two parent household has it good? Perhaps the parents fight a lot. Maybe they have money but the mom is an alcoholic. Perhaps they live in a rich neighborhood but there's a bully there who beats kids up.

It's so silly to think that life is always better or perfect on the other side of the tracks. It's not always. Giving "poor" people a pass just because they have an adversity in life is wrong. This weakens a persons ability to work hard... like welfare.

I would promote a break like financial aid but not a better SAT score.

Remember the college scandal where rich people hired a consultant to hype up their kids resume and transcripts to get into a certain college? This adversity score is the same thing. It's a lie sanctioned by the SAT administrators.
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