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Default Mom-And-Pop Businesses Decreasing In Availability - Big Tech Taking Over

Mom-And-Pop Businesses Decreasing In Availability - Big Tech Taking Over

Excerpt: The survey found that owners hoping to sell their companies are less optimistic about a sale than they were a year ago. The survey, which looked at companies valued at up to $50 million, found the drop in its measure of optimism was particularly notable among owners of businesses in the $1 million to $2 million range; it fell 6 percentage points from a year earlier.

- apnews.com

So why is this? Obviously it's the lack of buyers out there as people budget or survive on credit plus how massive retailers (online especially) are taking over market share.

Companies like Amazon own newspapers, grocery stores, etc. and Walmart sells everything under the sun for rock bottom prices comparatively.

How do small businesses compete against that? How do they compete against corporations that let go their human workforce for cheap, third country labor and then ultimately robotics and AI?

The only winner in corporatism today is the corporation and the government governing the citizenry.

The human workers, the small business owner... they are collateral damage in the rise of global empire.
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