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Default Afrofuture Fest Charges Different Prices For Different Races Of People

Afrofuture Fest Charges Different Prices For Different Races Of People

Excerpt: The organisers of the AfroFuture Fest, set for 3-4 August, are charging lower rates for tickets bought by "people of colour" than for "non-people of colour".

Early bird tickets for "POC" were $10 and $20 for "Non-POC".

- news.sky.com

Racism against Caucasians is gaining traction. From having separate graduations where "people of color" don't want Caucasians in their graduation to blaming societies ills on "white privilege".

The blame game added with the segregation game is growing in force and acceptance.

Segregation For Blacks At Colleges Increasing

Australia: So Much Anti-White Racism That Senator Offers "It's Ok To Be White" Motion

Just remember... the sowing of hatred between races within America is how to destroy American nationalism. People in America, legally, earned their way in and are made citizens, American citizens. To point out one group as bad (Caucasians) creates division within the nation. This is how "progressives" and globalists create chaos and move in to reorganize.
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