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Default 300,000 Illegal Alien Kids To Be In America's Public School System

300,000 Illegal Alien Kids To Be In America's Public School System

Excerpt: The continued surge of Latin American illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border will lead to hundreds of thousands being released into the country, increasing the already massive population of migrants by some 10%, according to a new analysis.

What’s more, wrote the group’s president Steve Kopits in a memo provided to Secrets, “By year end, nearly 300,000 migrant children are expected to enter the U.S. Over time, these will show up in the U.S. public school system.”

- washingtonexaminer.com

How does having an extra 300,000 illegal aliens, who don't speak English, help raise the standards with America's failing public education system? How does this help American citizen children, legal immigrant children learn and do better in school when many limited resources are being diverted to "teaching" illegal alien kids?

Do you see the disconnect? "Progressives" want to help everyone else out at the expense of those who follow the rules and make America strong.

Obviously globalists want borders erased so that cultural identity, religious identity, tribal identity, identity through traditions, etc. are eventually watered down and lost to everyone looking and thinking alike.

This is the slow destruction of sovereign nations everywhere. Specific groups create problems where there were none; such as fighting for illegal aliens and their benefits to be illegal and sap off the tax payers who work to have a nice country, united by country men.

Globalists don't want anyone united, from nation to natural family. The more division the better.
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