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Default Debut Of The Robot Umpire For Professional Baseball

Debut Of The Robot Umpire For Professional Baseball

Excerpt: The push continues for the balls-strikes system to follow instant replay into the minor and major leagues. The potential positives include speeding up game play by eliminating the urge for batters and managers to argue balls and strikes.

“As a catcher, I don’t really like it too much because it takes away from my skill at receiving the ball. But if it helps the game, obviously at the big league level, that’s what we’re all here for."

- usatoday.com

The thing about officials, referees, umpires... all of these humans are a part of the game. The debate and arguing over a call is part of the game. By taking these away... the game becomes less exciting and less anticipatory. The concept of player and official's personalities as a part of the game will fade.

The only thing left will be perfect rules and quiet play.

Humans bring life to the game. Robots will bring perfect obedience and solitude to the game.
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