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Default How Walmart Destroys Small Towns, Then Owns Them - Just Like Globalization!

How Walmart Destroys Small Towns, Then Owns Them - Just Like Globalization!

Excerpt: If history is any indication, nothing could be further from the truth. Chicago's struggling West Side learned the hard way that Walmart's stores destroy more retail jobs than they create.

In 2006, the big-box retailer promised to bring jobs to the cash-strapped community. But according to a landmark study by Loyola University, the company's rhetoric didn't match reality: Within two years of Walmart's opening its doors, 82 local stores went out of business.

Instead of growing Chicago's retail economy, Walmart simply overtook it - absorbing sales from other city stores, and shuttering dozens of them in the process.

Seen this before. A town had a Walmart move in and the town voted it out because of the fear that Walmart would shutter local mom-and-pop businesses. The Walmart moved to a town next door and the previous town is losing on that tax revenue but their local businesses are still thriving.

This is basically an economic attack on local businesses because they cannot compete with Walmart's low prices, inventory or vast selection. It is unfair as it is the black heart of corporatism - drown the competition (mom-and-pop businesses) until they can longer get any air or loans to keep their small business afloat.

Compare this move by Walmart to corporations moving overseas and manipulating sovereign nations who want the business but must give up natural resources and many of their own people for pennies on the dollar. This is cutthroat business... the abuse of capitalism.

To top it off... now Walmart is making the active decision to become the center of many town squares across the nation.

Walmart to Be The New Town Square - Out with The Old, In With The New

Excerpt: At the most recent International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) conference in Atlanta, Walmart announced new plans to repurpose twelve of its locations into Town Centers -- an outdoor gathering area with seating, community activities, entertainment, dining facilities, jogging paths, fountains, green spaces, playgrounds, and even space for live music.

The idea behind Walmart's seismic shift is that it wants to recreate the downtown of small communities that it was instrumental in destroying.

In the terms or comparison to the methods of today's globalization model, this is the replacement of one form of leadership with another... local leadership with a foreign entity so-to-speak. As we know, once globalists get their foot in the door the local culture, creed, religion and everything else from music to fashion dies or mimics market trends.
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