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Default Venezuela Hires China Firm To Create Social Credit System To Spy On Citizens

Venezuela Hires China Firm To Create Social Credit System To Spy On Citizens

Excerpt: According to Reuters, Nicolás Maduro regime’s recent release of the “Carnet de la Patria,” or “Fatherland Card,” to all citizens forms part of a plan to develop widespread control over the population. Venezuelans have needed a card for access to subsidized food, healthcare, and gasoline since 2014. The Maduro regime has recruited China to help the cards expand their use not just to track what citizens eat, but their social, political, and economic behavior.

Was it Marx that said socialism leads to communism... kind of like a gateway drug?

The point of this is that Venezuela spent $70 million on an enhanced social credit system as opposed to figuring out a way to keep citizens fed and businesses open.

This is the true face of socialism and globalism. As mom-and-pop capitalism is destroyed there will be more surveillance to protect the "leaders" up top.

Today's current thinking isn't to save people by making them free its to imprison people by binding them in surveillance and fearing the super-state.
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