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Exclamation Using Racketeering & Nuisance Laws Against Vatican & Pedophile Priests

Using Racketeeering & Nuisance Laws Against Vatican & Pedophile Priests

Excerpt: ...one of the legal attacks goes even further by pinning the blame on Vatican officials for misconduct in the United States, relying in part on a legal doctrine more commonly used to take down drug dealers and Mafia members. The other relies on nuisance laws, alleging that the church has created a public hazard.

According to the suit, the church has operated like a criminal enterprise, first by subjecting children and others to clergy sexual abuse, then by covering it up in violation of laws requiring officials to report suspected abuse to law enforcement. The suit alleges the church does so to maintain and expand its “commercial operations,” including money and real estate. It claims the church carries out its schemes to defraud victims “out of their childhood, youth, innocence, virginity, families, jobs, finances, assets — in short their lives” through interstate and international telephone calls and electronic communications in violation of federal law.

I would not like to see the church destroyed AT ALL. What is needed is new leadership and every single abuser to go to jail but also to allow priests to marry and have families of their own. These are crucial steps.

The church has done way more good works every single day than bad works by bad apples... a lot of bad apples. Think of all the homeless shelters, drug rehab facilities, delivery of meals to seniors, a place to pray and worship... so much good going on.

Evil is winning. The evil people allowed in the church have aided in its breakdown of faith for many. Evil must be cast out now.

As a comparison... look at what government does and what corporations do across the world... from forced taxation to invasions of the Middle East to corporations dumping employees and hiring slave labor in third world countries... all this in order to hold onto power and ultimately ruin sovereign nations and creeds everywhere leading to globalization.
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