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Default Decentralized Cryptocurrency Is The Enemy Of Central Bankers

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Is The Enemy Of Central Bankers

Excerpt: ...central banks are toying with the idea of launching a bank-backed cryptocurrency. Dan believes that outcome is all but assured. Only one thing stands in the way… bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies have proven that there is an appetite for both a cashless digital payment system and digital assets. What central bankers and the world’s financial elite have figured out is that bitcoin stands in the way of this new world financial order.

It’s an order where centrally controlled digital money promises complete political power over the lives and choices of billions of people. They’re making their move to establish that order now.

In essence... Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that stands in the way of a global, centralized currency that would be ran by globalists in order to control for the world's ability to acquire any kind of wealth.

Cryptocurrency now is private... not ran or endorsed by any government entity. A government backed, centralized digital currency is what the globalists want.
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