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Default MS-13 Gang Member Caught In "Caravan" Trying To Invade USA

MS-13 Gang Member Caught In "Caravan" Trying To Invade USA

Excerpt: An MS-13 member arrested over the weekend by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) told authorities that he traveled within the Central American migrant caravan before trying to enter the United States, according to Fox News.

It's not about racism. It's about keeping the citizens of America safe. Citizens who pay way too many taxes and get less and less... from weak border control, weakening social security and medical insurance systems, potholes in streets, being spied online and on the streets by cameras, having the military used as a bully across the globe and so many other things that don't help US citizens.

It is time to watch the borders and assess who is coming in to the nation. That is what a sovereign nation is about... the locals and their way of life. Every nation should be able to regulate their borders how they see fit with their locals in mind.

Globalists, "progressives" and leftists would tell you otherwise... that you must pay for everyone and be "fair".
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